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Unveiling of LINK – Bridging the Eastern and Western Blockchain Communities

LINK unites East and West
LINK unites East and West

Unveiling of LINK – Bridging the Eastern and Western Blockchain


BEIJING – 13 August 2018 – This group of individuals, going by the name of LINK, is made up of EOS Block Producer candidates, entrepreneurs, decentralization advocates and technologists coming from very different backgrounds – united by a common passion of creating a truly global blockchain community. The mission of LINK is to be a blockchain advocate and to connect Eastern and Western cultures through a series of cultural events.

北京 – 2018年8月13日 – 以LINK为名的这群人由超级节点候选人,企业家,去中心化倡导者和技术专家组成,他们背景不同 – 共同致力于创造一个真正的全球区块链社区。 LINK的使命是成为区块链倡导者,通过一系列文化活动将东西方文化联系起来。

“LINK is bringing back the human element to blockchain and Peer-to-peer ecosystems by creating a bridge between cultures, promoting cross-cultural teachings in the process.” said Marshall Long of LINK.

“LINK通过在文化之间建立桥梁,在这个过程中促进跨文化教学,正在将人类因素带回区块链和点对点生态系统。”LINK的Marshall Long说道。

In the past, Eastern and Western blockchain communities kept to their own, which often caused issues within the network due to miscommunication and seclusion; these issues ranged from loss of funds to legal disputes. Through the formation of LINK, we have already seen positive effects take place in the EOS ecosystem, leading previously non-compliant EOS Block Producers based in Asia getting on the right track.


“Non-compliance often stemmed from miscommunication due to lack of language and cultural understanding; LINK aims to close that gap,” said LINK co-founder Yves La Rose.

“不能够发自内心服从管理往往是由于沟通不畅,缺乏语言上和文化上的相互理解而造成的;LINK的目标就是改善,弱化这层间隔,”LINK的联合创始人Yves La Rose这样说道。

The formation of the group sends a strong signals that Block Producers from around the world are focused on the health and growth of the network, all aiming to see EOS succeed, coming together to make it happen.


About us

The mission of LINK is to be an advocate in the crypto community. Our mandate is to transcend cultural biases and bridge the Eastern and Western communities through a series of educational events. Teaching each other of cultural differences will bring back the human element to blockchain and peer to peer ecosystems. Block Producers throughout the world are focused on the health and growth of the network, all aiming to see this project succeed and grow, coming together as a global community to make it happen.


The LINK team is being led by:

Marshall Long – is a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering. He quickly moved into bitcoin space early on with a claim to fame as being one of the first bitcoin miners. Marshall has expertise in P2P economies as well as breaking into new markets – Asia especially.

Marshall Long是一位有着工程学识背景的“连续创业家”,自己创立了很多家公司。他很早便投身到比特币领域,是第一批比特币矿工成员之一,所以早也有所名气。Marshall同样也在P2P经济领域有着丰富的专业知识与经验,也进军到了新的市场-尤其是亚洲市场。

Yves La Rose – began his journey into technology at a very young age, building his first computer at 6 years old and programming his first game at the age of 7. He always had a deep ideological relationship with computers and the role he imagined them playing in decentralization. He began his university studies in software engineering, but quickly realized the human aspect was where his heart resided. After completing studies in psychology and pure sciences, he bridged the gap by focusing on perceptual and computational neuropsychology, taking his skills to Japan where he resided for six years, helping shape the minds of a generation as an early childhood educator. He is passionate about blockchain technology and the decentralized future that it will bring.

Yves La Rose在很小的时候就开始了他的科技之路,在6岁时就制造出了自己的第一台电脑,并在7岁的时候就代码实现了自己的第一个游戏。在之前的日子里,他的思想意识总是与计算机有着深刻紧密的联系,在他的心中,计算机去中心化扮演着极为重要的角色。 他的大学学习生涯,是以钻研软件工程专业开始,但他也很快意识到真正关于人类的东西才是他的心之所向。在完成了心理学和纯科学的研究之后,他把注意力和精力集中在知觉和计算神经心理学上,带着自己满满的学识与技术到了日本,并在那里居住了六年,作为一名早期儿童教育工作者,在那里帮助塑造年轻一代的心智、思想。他对区块链技术和去中心化的未来充满着热情与期待。

Dafeng Guo – is a lifelong technologist with a deep passion for blockchain. As co-founder and CTO of Strikingly, one of the world’s top publishing platforms, Dafeng has architected systems that serve millions of users and billions of page views. He was named Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP in 2017. As cofounder of Strikingly, he was accepted into Y Combinator’s W13 batch in Silicon Valley. Dafeng has previously developed trading systems and infrastructure at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo. He received his BS in Computer Science at CUHK.

郭达峰是一位以技术作为终身奋斗职业的技术专家,对区块链有着浓厚的热情。作为世界顶级出版平台之一Strikingly的联合创始人和首席技术官,大丰构建了服务于数百万用户和数十亿页面浏览量的系统。2017年,他被提名为阿里巴巴云科技的MVP。作为Strikingly的联合创始人,他由在硅谷的Y Combinator’s W13录用。达峰曾经也在Morgan Stanley、Goldman Sachs和雅虎开发研究过贸易系统以及基础设施建设。他获得了香港中文大学的计算机学士学位。

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